We design websites using HTML, CSS, PHP, and Flash, and can quote prices for any budget. Cicero Designs also creates websites using Web 2.0 open source platforms, and can provide clients with instructions on how they can easily update their pages.

Our approach is to collaborate with the site owner and work towards getting them the website that works for them, in both functionality and design. The collaborative effort creates more challenges, but that ends up in a better end product. We listen to the client discuss their business, discuss their customers, and discuss what they hope the website will accomplish.

We also maintain and administer websites for some clients, or provide instruction & support so they can do it themselves. In the 21st Century, websites are more than just static bulletin boards – they need to be dynamic, evolving, and flexible.

Business & Retail

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Many modern marketing opportunities cost little and can achieve much, but with a “poverty of time” many businesses fail to take advantage of them. Cicero Designs understands the demands of running a small or medium business, and we make it easy by providing all the services needed — You can review a sampling of our web development work, logo design, e-blasts, and print work.


Please click here for a sample of our work with nonprofits.
Cicero Designs is involved with numerous nonprofits seeking to raise awareness and funds for a variety of causes. Whether is local groups seeking to improve education, foundations seeking to advance medical research & services, or international organizations, we work in a collaborative fashion to help communicate the cause.

Professionals & Artists

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Every website needs to reflect the “personality” of the business – whether it be corporate, retail, or a nonprofit. Professionals and artists offer a special challenge because a person’s name is attached – it’s a an individual(s) with a skill, a talent, and a reputation. Cicero Designs understands the work that goes into being an accomplished professional or artist, and we work closely to reflect your vision.


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E-commerce websites come in many flavors, and choosing the one that makes financial sense for you is critical to your success. Cicero Designs offers solutions that can work for a website selling thousands of products, hundreds or perhaps just a few dozen items. We also assist in providing marketing strategies that will help win over your web visitors.

Political Sites

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Cicero Designs has worked on a variety of campaigns on the state and local level. Our work goes beyond just creating a great looking website that informs people of the campaign issues, but we also implement features and functionality that engage potential voters and help organize volunteers.

Multi-User/Community Sites

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A multi-user website can be a website designed for multiple administrators to access — thereby spreading the work load and eventually building a deep & dynamic website. Or, it could be a networked website that has multiple “subsites” which again helps build a more dynamic and rich user experience by involving additional people in the updating of content.

Media & News Sites

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Cicero Designs was at the forefront of creating hyperlocal news magazines and online niche magazines. This is an exciting and efficient way to enhance an e-commerce solution, engage in a civic enterprise, or just share your passions and expertise.