Businesses are using video more often for marketing and branding, but often it is difficult to financially justify the cost. There are ways around spending thousands of dollars and still put out a product that helps market, brand, and personalize a business.

In a global world, people still respond best to other people, the personal touch, something that creates a sense of familiarity. The videos below are a fsampling of some we have recently done for some clients.

We should have some new ones up very shortly that add an even more engaging element of interviews with owners, employees, and customers. A lot of small business owners are often camera shy, and are unsure of what they should say; so, the new projects are pretty exciting in that we hope to showcase one of their greatest assets – the people behind the business.

Think Oakland

This video is designed for a business association seeking to promote the varied retail and dining options available. It mixes still images of various store fronts with other images of the town, and aims to sell the whole town.

White City News

This client wanted to do something to promote the renovations occurring at a shopping center. We did not really have many details in regards to text, and images of construction tend to get repetitive. In this situation, we went with a little humor.


This was a cool video that communicated the ambience and style of a new restaurant that was opening. We had very little to work with in terms of images, but used that to our advantage. It communicates what the restaurant is all about, what people can expect, and sets a mood for their dining experience. We repeated one image regularly to really brand it, but without it seeming forced.

Holiday Shopping

The goal with this video was to simply get people in the mood of the holidays, and sort of celebrate all the shopping center has to offer. The idea is to make people feel good, not just about what they spend their money on – but where they spend it.